Some major changes are coming.....

Thought it would be prudent to put this out in advance so regulars will not be shocked when a few major changes take place over the next few weeks. I also wanted to share my own thoughts behind the upcoming changes as well.

What am I talking about? Well for the majority of my running career I’ve been known as “The Mohican Runner” due to my hair style (besides a brief period under the alias runs4caffeine and Hazey Runz. It has defined me for a long time. However, a lot for me has change in recent years and for the better or worse I’m a different person. Nearly losing our daughter and then my own current health issues put a lot of things in perspective. I have changed how I look at things and how I approach running. For a long time I was very self absorbed with being the fastest I could be, it became an obsession. It meant I never settled into the club culture, ran 95% of the time on my own and didn’t embrace the other aspects of running. I didn’t care what people thought and wasn’t in it for friendships etc, despite making plenty of friendships over the years. To be honest for a while I was a bit of a knob.

I have always had a destructive personality which I think stems from my childhood, the only person who has ever managed to break my shell is my wife (thank God!) When my daughter got ill, running no longer seemed to matter and became secondary to getting my daughter better. I had a big dose of reality and almost losing my daughter scared the shit out of me. Running then became my outlet for my own personal mental health as it was the only way to get how I was feeling out my head and going for a run helped. Running for times became secondary to just learning to love running again and taking a 6 month break from race in late 2018 helped me re-discover why I got into running in the first place. Then when I got injured last May, my mental health really took a battering as I no longer had an outlet and I got depressed, thankfully I have the best wife in the world who knows me better then I know myself and she kept me from proper losing my shit! She is amazing. It helped having things to look forward to, Spain, Disney and best of all my daughter having a successful operation.

When I began to run again at the turn of the year. I began to embrace everything I shunned for so long, parkruns, the community and running with others again. I found I was loving running again but not cause of times but getting up on a Saturday morning and seeing familiar, friendly faces. I realised how many people I had befriended over the years and this year I made an effort to build bridges and rebuild fractured friendships. What has also helped is going back to watching my local football team Stocksbridge, shouting and encouraging the team really helps get any built up anger/stress out the system and it’s been amazing.

Even when I got diagnosed I didn’t fall apart but instead I’ve been open and faced it head on and it’s helped, now with the current worldwide crisis it’s a scary time and we as humans need to think about everyone not just ourselves, we as a species have become very selfish and I think what’s happening in the world, will help us all rediscover our humanity and make folk realise what really matters in life.

So I’ve rambled but not actually explained what changes are coming. Well with my health the days of me having a large Mohican are no more. I don’t  want to stand out and I don’t have the look at me attitude anymore. I think as long as I stick to the Mohican Runner name I will have a stigma attached to me. I want people to get to know the better me and putting the Mohican Runner chapter to rest and in the past is the final thing I need to do. So yesterday my wife shaved it for me.

So over the coming months the site name and social media will be changing from Mohican Runner to Rich Hayes Runner. I picked the name of my own name as my new moniker. I  am currently working on a new logo and style. The Mohican Runner links will continue to work as I will be using redirects to this site and the site will be the same as it is now except for a colour and name change. All social media accounts will change as well to the new name. Once everything is changed I will do a further update.

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