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Christmas Virtual Run Review

A festive virtual run with themed medal

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Vale for Money - 81%
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Website - 87%
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The challenge was simple and I love how Strava is built in so takes away issues with evidence etc. The turn around was the best yet and I also like how the team interacted on social media. Its a company I would recommend if you fancy trying a virtual run in 2020.

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Welcome to my first review section, this section will cover virtual runs and their bling (medals) that come with it. To kick things off I opted to sign up to a Christmas themed challenge last month. Now virtual runs are very popular ( or unpopular depending on which side of the fence you sit on). For me I see the benefits of them and think there is a niche in the running community for them. I have used them in the past and will continue to use them when I feel the need warrants it.

I’m not a regular virtual runner as when fully fit I do race on a regular basis so my entry fee budget is taken up by race fees. However, when I do have downtime or like now when I’m coming back from injury it’s a way of getting some bling while I build up the miles. Currently I’m only 3 days into my return and at 7 miles currently. This challenge allowed a 5k option which was perfect for me last month as managed to do a couple of runs before another setback.. I work in miles in training so to do 5k I have to do 4 miles and likewise with a 10k I’d have to do 7 miles or my OCD kicks in. After so many setbacks from my injury I’m not prepared to rush it hence the 5k option.

This virtual run is hosted by Run for the World, now it’s not one of the sites I’m familiar with and they seem fairly new (cira early 2019) if their social media accounts are anything to go by.

Sign Up/Website

Their website is very modern and responsive. The sign up is straight forward and you can use your Facebook account to save time as well. I opted for the old school of doing everything manually so I could see how it all worked. It is a quick easy format to become a member. Once you’ve activated your account you can then really go to town on your profile. Adding image, bio and linking your Strava account.

Now I mentioned Strava first as unlike rival companies this allows for your runs to be automatically linked to your bio so no need to mess around submitting evidence. This makes it more streamlined and easier for those that are not as tech savy. I linked my account and also linked my FB account. Once I had done my profile I headed over to Events and selected their Christmas Virtual Run. I was the 91st person to sign up and as I mentioned I opted for the 5k, but there were also 10k and 21.1k (HM) options depending on the level of the challenge you wanted to do. The cost was only £9 now that for a virtual run is cheap and when I save the advert on Instagram it what enticed me to join up. Again you picked your option and simply paid, for me it could not be anymore straight forward and makes life so much easier when a company actually thinks about keep things simple.

What I liked was this…

This is perfect for hanging on your tree. And, if you complete your run before Dec 14th, we will send it out to you so you should have it before Christmas Day! We’ve made a 3D looking snow globe medal with an epoxy top to give it a convex, realistic globe feel.

So to get it before Xmas also ticked another box. Good thing about this company is there is a “live” leader board which shows distance completed and the distance the entrant opted for and if you don’t have Strava there is also a way to upload your runs or you can add donations to their challenges chosen charity.

The Challenge

As I mentioned I opted for the 5k option as I continue my comeback from injury. After completing a couple of 3 mile runs in first week in December. I did my 4 miles qualifying run on the 2nd weeks of December this would turn out to be my last of 2019. The run itself was my 3rd consecutive day of running so knee was a little sore after two hard weekend runs, plus the first storm of the season was in full swing so for first half of my run it was like running in a wind tunnel. However, the run went to plan and once it was uploaded to Strava, my run automatically synced to the challenge website and despite Monday’s being my slowest of the week, my 5k ranked me 2nd on average pace on the leader board. Which was a nice ego boost for someone like me who wants to eventually run sub 17 for 5k.

Any how I joined the virtual runs Facebook group and soon found out my medal was due for posting the same day and I had to wait two days for the medal to arrive.Which is an exceptional turn around.

The Medal

The medal arrived in a small cardboard envelope, lucky I got it off the postman as there was no protection if it dropped onto the floor. Maybe bubble wrap would be worth considering, then I suppose it comes down to cost. The medal is a snow globe design . The metal of the medal has a bronze coating with the globe having a Christmas scene in it. This includes a Christmas tree, presents and snowman. It is highly detailed and the colour makes it really pop. The globe has a smooth glossy finish. Underneath is a plaque on the base with the wording “Christmas Virtual Run” in white. This is where the finish is a bit of a let down the white used to colour in the wording has run out on the word Run and looks messy and I also noticed a scratch at the bottom of the medal.

The ribbon is also Christmas theme with presents, the challenge name and Run for the Worlds logo on it. I really do like the ribbon and for once its been designed to be hung unlike other medals that ribbons twist when you try to hang them on anything but your neck.

Overall Thoughts

Was a really nice medal to get before Christmas, and made up for me not doing a Santa dash this year. The design is excellent and despite the little glitch on the wording it looks lovely hung with my other Xmas themed medals in my office.The challenge was simple and I love how Strava is built in so takes away issues with evidence etc. The turn around was the best yet and I also like how the team interacted on social media. Its a company I would recommend if you fancy trying a virtual run in 2020.

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  1. Thanks for the review! Apologies about the white smudge next to the writing, we missed that when packing. The reason we don’t use bubble wrap is actually for the environment. We try to use as little plastic as possible. We have done lots of tests of dropping different medals in the envelopes and only a couple of times we’ve had minor scratches. We will look into other options for this, though. Glad you like the website and the medal. Thank again (we are very new – went live at the beginning of May)

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