February a massive step in the right direction

Another full month of running under my belt

Feb has flown by for me it’s a been an emotional roller coaster of a month. Running wise it has been overall a really good month. I finished it with 2 personal bests for 2020 and my first half marathon distance run in over 10 months. I’ve learned to listen to my body and not to leave everything in training, before I used to give it everything every run and never left anything for the races. Now I try and make sure to listen to tell tale signs that I need an easier day.

Conditions in Feb haven’t been great with storms 3 weekends in a row meant either (or both) days of the weekend were wet and windy. However I thrive on conditions like this rather then warm weather so I made the most of it. However going out in one of those storms was pure stupidity. In places I was lucky not to get hurt. The month kicked off with a sub 20 parkrun and a 9 miler long run. The first full week in Feb was another build up week of mileage, including a return to track on a Thursday night and finishing with a faster parkrun time and my first double digit long run (this was the one I should have known better)

The following week was my first cut back week. So I dropped mileage and pace for majority of the week, I kept the track session in and then repeated the following weekends exploits, a parkrun on the Saturday and 10 miles on the Sunday. I was into a nice groove now in training. While I continued to add a mile to my easy weekday runs I kept them easy and I added option of using Tuesday as my 3rd quality session of the week. So the 3rd week I did a mile warm up – 4 miles faster then sub 90 HM pace – mile cool down. I have pencilled in Sheffield HM if everything goes to plan at end of March and I used the session to test the waters so to speak. The rest of week played out as before, track and then parkrun and another mile on to my Sunday long run.

The final week of Feb was a little different as I had my first race of 2020 on the Wednesday night, I didn’t cut back, in fact, I increased the miles Monday and Tuesday. Then raced Wednesday night. Thursday was another 7 easy miles. The weekend I managed my fastest time at parkrun in 2020 and then I ran with friends as we did a reccy of the half marathon route, this was also my first HM distance run since May last year. I felt good and having done a reccy. Have renewed confidence of doing it, so long as there is no spanners thrown in between now and end of March.


This is how February looked:

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Miles
3/2 5 miles 5 miles 5 miles 8 x 600m 3 miles parkrun 10 miles 36 miles
10/2 3 miles 3 miles 3 miles 8 x 400m 4 x 500m 3 miles parkrun 10 miles 30 miles
17/2 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 5 x 1k 3 miles parkrun 11 miles 42 miles
24/2 7 miles 7 miles Even Splits 5k 7 miles 3 miles parkrun 13 miles 47 Miles

*This day fall into March but are on this weeks plan

That’s two months straight and so far so good but there is still a long way to go. However to be writing this with a sub 19 already under my belt for me is a massive tick in the right direction. March is a case of building on what I’ve already done before I cut back in last week of March, with two races lined up. The next Even Splits 5k on last Wednesday of the month and then finished off with my first half marathon race in 22 months and my first Sheffield HM race since 2013. There is a lot of firsts to come this year. Right now I’ve still not set a time for Sheffield, that will depend on so many factors and when I have will keep it close to my chest so as not to put any un-needed pressure on myself.

March looks like this, another two weeks build up miles topping out at 55 miles then a two week taper of sorts, cut back miles first week to same as week 8 then race week will have same miles as my easy week of around 33 miles.

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Miles
8/3 8 miles 8 miles 8 miles Track Poker 3 miles parkrun 14 miles 51 miles
15/3 9 miles 9 miles 9 miles 6 x 800m 3 miles parkrun 15 miles 55 miles
22/3 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 8 x 600m 3 miles parkrun 10 miles 42 miles
29/3 3 miles 3 miles Even Splits 5k 3 miles 3 miles 3 miles Sheffield HM 33 miles

Let’s hope in 4 weeks time I am writing another positive training post. Remember you can follow my progress daily via social media and Strava

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