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Short month finishes with a bang

So that’s February out of the way, the short month is done and it looks like April could see a return to racing! Whoop Whoop. I found Feb mentally hard, I’ve found this lockdown the hardest of the 3 and by the end of the month I was at breaking point until I did the 4x4x48 challenge which I blogged about last week.

Snow meant the first week was disrupted and had to move sessions around. I kicked off the week with an easy 10K then Tuesday ended up being my rest day. Wednesday I had a very icy 3K warm up before I got to a cleared road and did the Sunday hill session on Wednesday. This was 3 x 5 x 45 up hill with a 90s jog recovery back down. This was my first hill session in years (Personally never did them as found most easy runs involved hills) I actually enjoyed it which was surprising and nice to be able to do a session despite the snow. With the snow every session was move on a day, so that week Thursday was an easy 10K, Friday was  2 x 3 x 1K reps off 2:00 recovery (5:00 between sets). Last time was around 3:50 rep this time my splits  were 3:37, 3:38, 3:38, 3:34, 3:38, 3:38. This was followed by my long run on Saturday before a 30 minute Fartlek of 6 x 2min30s @3.55/km / 2min30s @4.40/km to end a decent first week of Feb.

However the following week I missed the weekend as nursing a cold and could feel it settling on my chest. Both my coach and I said would be better to lose 2 days then 6 weeks getting antibiotics out my system. It was kind of an easy week as I did 8K on the Monday, another fartlek session on the Tuesday again it was 30 minutes of 6 x 3.50/km & steady ones under 4.40/km. Faster then my Sunday session. Wednesday was 12K run and then Thursday would be my last run of the week which was a steady 8K on frozen roads. Very slippery in places but managed to put some efforts in to bag a couple of Strava crowns.

After taking the weekend off I felt better come the following Monday. This was the week I switched back to miles from K’s. So Monday and Wednesday were easy 6 mile runs, Tuesday should have been a 5K progression I turned it into a 5 mile progression and found it hard going but nailed it!, although want to get my top mile pace back down to mid 5:30 per mile. Thursday was a tough session with session split into 2 x 6:00 (off 2:00), 2 x 4:00 (off 1:30), 4 x 2:00 (off 1:00). Aim was sub 3:45/km (6:02/mi) my average was 3:42/km (5:58/mi). Still lots of work to be done to get those times down but having missed a few days with cold. Friday was my long run of 12 miles before taking Saturday as my rest day. Sunday was 3 x 3:00, 2:00, 1:00 off (60s recovery and 3:00 between sets) sub 5:50 pace for 3:00 and 2:00 and then hard as possible for 1:00 rep.

The final week started like any normal week with easy Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday I did 600s split down into the following; 5 x 600m (90s), 3 x 600m (90s), 2 x 600m (90s). All under 2:10 good for road but I want sub 1:55 like I have done in the past. Thursday was a turn over run with alternative blocks over 6 miles but nothing super fast.  Then with me working on the gym I planned on doing my speed session Saturday and long run Sunday, instead by 9:30 pm Friday night I ended up doing the 4x4x48 Challenge and covered 48 miles over that weekend to give me my biggest mileage week in years. I’m hoping after body has recovered I have a big jump in performance, much like I did after the London marathon.

Below is how February looked:

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Miles
1/2 10K Rest 3x5x45s Hills 10K 2x3x1K reps 20K Fartlek 53mi
8/2 8K Fartlek 12K 8K Off Sick Off Sick Off Sick 83K
15/2 6mi 5mi Progression Run 6mi 2×6:00, 2x:4:00, 4×2:00 reps 12 mile Rest 3 x 3:00, 2:00, 1:00 (60s rec) 53mi
22/2 6mi 10x 600m reps 6mi 6mi Leg 1 Legs 2 -7  Legs 8-12 81mi

I’m hoping to get into 5K race shape with a potential return to racing on 3rd April. I would love to beat last years 5K time, so I have basically 4 weeks to get into 17:30 5K shape. Hopefully with spring coming and a bounce back in my stride after my challenge, the rest of 2021 will see a lot more races and new personal bests.

If you would like to know more about my coach Jo, please check out her website

Remember you can follow my progress daily via social media and Strava

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