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May 1st month of a new chapter in my career

May has come and gone so fast. For me it has been a very eventful month. At the start of the month I started with a coach, Jo Wilkinson. I have been wanting to change things for a while as I felt if not I was going to just repeat the same training and getting the same results. I have felt since 2017 my road running has gone backwards with only the occasional good results. My track racing in 2018 glossed over the cracks. I had an excellent couple of results last April before my injury.

This year I had slowly rebuilt and got into a good routine. Just before the lockdown I had a decent result at York parkrun and felt I was on the right path. Then with lockdown happening it allowed me to really stop and evaluate my running over the past few years. I have followed Jo Wilkinson on social media for a long time and a lot of what Jo said I agreed with and I decided to touch base regarding her coaching me. A few emails later and a video chat convinced me Jo was the way forward for me. It transpired that I began with Jo at the start of May and since then I have given Jo my 100% commitment, the more I’ve gotten to know Jo the more I feel like she knows me better then I know myself when it comes to running. The relationship has just clicked and a few times this month if I had been coaching myself I would have made the same mistakes but Jo has made sure I’ve haven’t .

Last week I strained by big toe due to the new strength and conditioning work I’ve finally started doing and instead of busting a gut as I would have done. Jo lowered the mileage, reduced the intensity, like this week my toe feels better but instead of going full out straight away Jo is make sure we are cautious in not doing too much too soon on the toe. It’s little things like this that long term I will benefit from.

The training past month has been great. I finally stopped the streak and went back to 6 days. I’ve been slowing my easy runs and really giving it all in the speed sessions. There has been some cracking sessions, with my fav being the progression run and also the 5k I did the other Saturday and put me in sub 18 5K shape I reckon. I even got to run 3K with my daughter, those who know about Molly will know how special that was!

I’m not going to go through the training in too much detail, you can see below how my month looked, plus you can look on my Strava for more detail of any particular session.


Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Miles
4/5 6 miles 6 x 3:30 off 90s 5 miles 8 miles w/h Strava CR Rest 5K Tempo 10 miles 40 miles
11/5 5 miles 3 x 3:00, 2:00, 1:00 off 60s 5 miles 8 miles w/h Strava CR Rest 4 mile Progression 10 miles 40 miles
18/5 5 miles 5 x 1K off 2:00 Plus 3K w/h Molly 5 miles 8 mile Fartlek Rest 5K Hard 11  miles 42 miles
25/5 4 miles 4 miles 5 miles 8 x 2:30 off 60s Rest 4 miles 6 miles 30 miles

In June I am looking forward to getting stronger, building my none existent core strength up as well as doing my part in the 100K fundraising run for my local football club. Long term I can’t wait to get racing again and repay Jo with some new personal bests. If you would like to know more about Jo, please check out her website

Remember you can follow my progress daily via social media and Strava

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