Halfway through 2020

June was another solid month of training

June has flown by. It in some way feels like Feb in that it’s a short month. I think because May felt long due to the stricter Lockdown that having some of the restrictions lifted helped in making June go faster. One thing is for certain I miss racing and with how my training is going I feel ready to race again. I honestly do feel physically stronger than ever and the work I’m doing outside of running is helping. I always said my strength and conditioning was my weakest link but since starting under Jo at the start of May, I have made inroads into build a stronger engine.

I still have a long way to go but my right leg is getting stronger, my core is more stable and it means in my hard sessions I am able to maintain faster paces without breaking down. My personal long term goal is to break my half marathon PB of 77 minutes if I can beat that I feel my other PB’s will also tumble. One thing I’ve learnt with Jo is to think more long term, we have taken things right back to basics, so while I’m currently knocking out 40 mile weeks, it’s allowing my body chance to recover, adapt and strengthen at the correct pace. Over June I have gotten my long runs back up to 12 miles and really enjoyed that. However, I think while others will look at what I’ve done in my speed work for me personally it’s the improvements in my easy runs that is making a big difference. I’ve finally learnt to slow down and listen to my body, some easy runs its my heavy legs that will dictate my pace or it will be my heart rate. I know I obsess with what my pace of my easy runs are. The pace does not matter, it’s vital those runs are as easy as possible. In doing so it means when I come to my speed sessions I have been able to nail the sessions set by my coach.

The speed sessions have been hard but both fun and rewarding. The most frustrating part is GPS issues. Where I live I am restricted to where there is a flat road to do my session, the only area within 2 miles is the main road at the side of the local reservoir but it is covered in trees so GPS can be blocked by them. This has meant in some sessions the watch hasn’t reflected my true pace but this is where my coach has been amazing as Jo looks at all the data not just speed as well as my feedback and her comments back to me keep me from obsessing over my inaccurate pace.

Was good to see June out with a sub 18K on my local trail and I know my pace is slowly returning. I think over July I will look to keep improving not only my top speed but more importantly being able to sustain a sub 6:00/mi pace for longer. Also hopefully come August we may see a return to racing as Lockdown continues to ease but I know personally I won’t do one until it is back to normal. This new time trial races that’s cropped up don’t interest me as can do those on my own.

Here is an over view of June’s training (just missed yesterday and Monday off as those role into July’s training)

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Miles
1/6 5 miles 6 miles 4 miles 5 x 3:30 off 90s Rest 5 miles 10 miles 37 miles
8/6 4 miles 8 mile Fartlek 5 miles 6 miles w/h Strava CR Rest 4 mile Progression 11 miles 39 miles
15/6 5 miles 4 x 1 mile off 2:00 5 miles 6 miles w/h Strava CR Rest 11  miles 4  miles 39 miles
22/6 5 miles 3 x 3 mins, 2 mins, 1 min off 60s 5 miles 6 miles w/h Strava CR Rest 5K Hard 12 miles 40 miles

If you would like to know more about Jo, please check out her website

Remember you can follow my progress daily via social media and Strava

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