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Hillsborough parkrun #360

Birthday parkrun

The second weekend in January and my second parkrun of the year. It was also my birthday so was good to get an event in on my birthday. I had managed to get a run in everyday up to my birthday, at the moment I’ve found my knee is OK if I keep the mileage low and moving daily. At the moment January is about building a potential base for the rest of the year. Should I make it to Feb I can look at adding focused sessions, right now parkrun is my one hard run a week.

The conditions weren’t great but what can one expect in early January, it was rather windy but I’ve ran in a lot worse and found the only bit of wind was around the car park section so I didn’t feel it effected the event, although those who follow Run Britain Rankings will notice they awarded the event a high handicap score of 6.2 compared to the previous week’s 3.6. For those who are reading and wondering what I am talking about. On Run Britain you can join and any parkrun and UKA licensed race is added to your profile. A score is given based on the difficulty of the course, conditions, and then your time is then used to give you a handicap score. A race with a 0.0 score is classed as a flat, fast round. Higher that number the harder the race. So with it being so high it meant my time gave me a massive negative score as I rebuild my online athletics profile post injury.

Back to parkrun, same plan as last week, however, I  found myself in the middle of the start and as I didn’t want to trip/fall I was very careful off the start line and it meant I had to build into the first lap. However, unlike last week I actually didn’t drop a place after the start and actually gained places from those who set off like shit of a shovel and by the time we got to the tennis courts they were blowing out their arses! (Don’t worry I am also well known for doing that). On the first lap I really pushed hard up the hill but unlike the previous week, I tried to push a bit harder on the downhill parts as I knew my knee was a little bit stronger. Hitting the first mile in 6:21 (only slightly quicker then last week).

Having learnt from the previous week, regarding traffic I knew I had to pick it up on the second lap. So I pushed on and was in a tussle with another runner which helped as I looped round the tennis courts and up the park. Again by this point I began to lap other parkrunners but I was a little braver then the previous week and ventured onto the grass if I had to. Save me having to keep saying “on your left”. The second lap brought with it a 6:38 lap (another 4s up on last weeks 2nd mile. I then knew it was a case of pushing on the final lap without injury as I ran past other runners. I didn’t find it as busy as last week so it meant I was able to keep up a decent pace, although I was actually 1s down on my 3rd lap on the previous week. So still a lot of room for improvement.

I did push harder on the sprint finish to come over the line in 17th place in a new parkrun PB time of 20:35, 29s faster then last week. I know if I can stay injury free! I should continue on a decent trajectory as I build up the miles and long term the re-introduction of speed sessions will also help. First things first it’s a case of getting 6 weeks of consistency first.

However, to see an improvement in just 7 days was a nice welcomed birthday present.

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