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Hillsborough parkrun #362

4th week and big improvements

I continued my comeback with my weekly dose of parkrun. This year I’ve really embraced my local parkrun, in the past I didn’t like the course and preferred going further a field but the injury and everything that’s happened in past 2 years has change my entire mindset. I’ve look at things in a positive light, fact it’s local, plenty of local familiar faces and a course that has a bit of everything. I now enjoy fact that it’s 3 laps as it allows to break the run down each week and look at improvements. Plus if I can rediscover my speed at Hillsborough then at faster 5ks over summer should feel a breeze. I felt last week I was on the edge of going faster but it was only the ice that put pay to that.

I had a good week with training as the miles still continue to increase, Thursday felt good so had a good 4 mile run where both my 2nd and 3rd miles were actually faster then I had done in previous weeks. I didn’t feel fresh as the previous evening as it was the father-in-laws 60th so was tired from a late night and as my wife will agree a very stressful day at work. But you are never going to get a perfect set of circumstances and it’s something that in the past that would act like a noose around me but as I said I have a renewed positive can do attitude. This week was good to catch up with an old mate in Michael Slater who I haven’t seen in a good number of years as we went down different running paths.

I was out the blocks fast and was a little too fast for me and it took me till the car park to settle down I had a strong run up the hill and then attacked the twisty section round the library and back down to the start. I clocked a 6:17 mile. This was something like my old self and to get some speed back without speed work boards well for later in the year. The 2nd lap felt better and more controlled with regards to my breathing I did drop a couple of places and could not keep with Trevor who had already set his stall to run a 19:XX time. As he past I knew I wasn’t aiming for his time, so didn’t risk pushing myself flat out with half the parkrun to go. So I stuck to my own game plan and got up the hill as hard as I could. Again the snake like section is interesting and I will be equally interested to see how I fair when the straight downhill section is re-opened to see if my times are faster or slower.

As I hit the final lap it was very busy with other runners and was a case of navigating safely I kept to the left but a little frustration crept in when the path was blocked by 3 runners all with headphones on, so they could not hear me coming on shout on your left. I slowed and took to the grass. I shock my head pushed on, then as I hit the tennis court I saw the family who had gotten out the car to see me finish. This gave me a boost as I had the final drag back up the park. I managed to do well but again traffic at the top meant I had to slow this time a mum with a pram on the left meant everyone had to go right, I could see the bottle neck so slowed and waited to safely move back to left and picked up pace again. I didn’t manage to do a decent kick which when the result came in was the difference between my official time of 20:03 and running a sub 20. Now back at start of the month running a sub 20 wasn’t even on the board let alone within 3 seconds. What I’m happy with is it’s 32s faster then my previous PB. So it does look good going in to February and the spring. There is plenty of improvement to come but I still take it one run at a time.

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