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31 days straight of running

Well here is something I didn’t think I’d be writing come end of January. Not only have I completed my first full month of training since my injury but I’ve also ran every day for a month. This is not something I’ve ever done in my previous 7+ years of running, as I’ve always had none running days in my training plans but when I looked for others views on my injury a lot of them said by running every day even if it was just a mile it helped ease the issue and I sit here right now and can say they were right.

When the 1st came the first few days felt sore then the soreness eased and only had maybe one or two days where it felt sore. I had a bit of a panic on 14 days in as previous attempts over past 7 months have always failed by the 2 week mark. The Wednesday I had a really bad run and thought it was back to square one but the following day it felt fine. Now I would be lying to you if I said it was 100% as it’s not but it is slowly getting stronger. Like anyone I have good runs and bad runs.

Each week I have slowly increased the mileage. Monday I’ve added 1 mile each week. Then Tuesday to Thursday I added half a mile each day, so starting at 3 miles on the first week and finishing on 4.5 miles this week. Friday is my shortest run of the week, I started with 1 mile and added half a mile each week. Then weekends have been Hillsborough parkrun on a Saturday, the first one back after just 3 days was in 20:54 and last week I clocked 20:03. My next target is to run under 20:00 minutes at Hillsborough. I’ve finished each week with my longest run, starting with 5 miles and adding a mile each week. Last week was 8 miles.

This is how January looked as a whole.

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Miles
30/12 3 miles 3 miles 1 mile parkrun 5 miles 15 miles
5/1 1 mile 3 miles 3 miles 3 miles 1 mile parkrun 6 miles 20 miles
12/1 2 mile 3.5 miles 3.5 miles 3.5 miles 1.5 mile parkrun 7 miles 24 miles
19/1 3 miles 4 miles 4 miles 4 miles 2 miles parkrun 8 miles 28 miles
26/1 4 miles 4.5 miles 4.5 miles 4.5 miles 2.5 miles parkrun* 9 miles* 32 miles

*These 2 days fall into Feb but are on this weeks plan

I can’t remember the last time I achieved a full month of training without changing days. I am rather proud to have done exactly what I had planned at the start of the year. I’ve also managed to change my diet and drop 6lbs this month as several months of being unable to train meant I had put on a few pounds, much to my annoyance.

So going into February, I am sticking to just parkruns on the weekends as not ready to race anything over 5k yet, The first of the Even Splits 5k Series is on last Wednesday of the month, so I plan on doing all 10 this year as another way to gauge my training. This coming month will also see me hopefully hit double figures again and also see me return to track sessions on a Thursday night with my old group, as I look to find my top end speed again. After week 6 I plan on cutting back for a week to give body some rest and time to adapt.

February looks like this:

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Miles
3/2 5 miles 5 miles 5 miles 8 x 600m 3 miles parkrun 10 miles 36 miles
10/2 3 miles 3 miles 3 miles 8 x 400m 4 x 500m 3 miles parkrun 6 miles 26 miles
17/2 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 5 x 1k 3 miles parkrun 11 miles 44 miles
24/2 7 miles 7 miles Even Splits 5k 7 miles 3 miles parkrun 12 miles 48 Miles

Let’s hope in 4 weeks time I am writing another positive training post. Remember you can follow my progress daily via social media and Strava

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