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Leeds 5k Series Preview

The first race back

Tonight marks my first race since my long term knee injury. This was always the one I had my eye on when I began training again on New Years Day. I knew if things went to plan I would have 2 months of training under my belt and it was a low key race to target. It will be 9 months (minus 1 day) since the injury occurred, in running that feels like a lifetime. Regular readers will know training has been going ok, slowly rebuilding the miles and using my local parkrun as a way to gauge my on going fitness. Obviously the recent cancer diagnosis has knocked me for 6 more mentally then physically at the moment. Still trying to get my head round it but I will keep running until I have treatment or surgery that stops me.

When I began running again, it was simply to be able to run again free from knee pain. Touch wood overall that has happen. Still get the odd twinge just to remind me that it’s still not 100%. Now I’m aiming to regain my lost speed but as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day. Over the past 8 weeks I have lowered my parkrun time from 20:54 to 19:40 which I’m chuffed about. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to get faster because I do. I drew a line in the sand on my previous years records as I’m not the same person, even more so now. So I have a blank canvas with my personal bests. So tonight I go into this aiming to set a benchmark to use for the rest of the year. Conditions are looking good. Clear sky and compared to recent conditions a mild breeze.

The Even Splits Leeds 5K Race Series is 10 monthly races (your 6 best performances from the 10 races to count for series prizes) between February and November 2020.  Each race is on a Wednesday evening at the Brownlee Centre Cycle Circuit in Leeds. Each event comprises two races: an A race for those who expect to run sub-22:30 and a B race for those who expect to run 22:30 or above. The B race goes off first at 7:15 followed by the A race at 8:00.  You can find out more here

Just like my local parkrun it is a 3 lapped race + an extra 172m to finish. The route goes up under the bridge then it is a sweeping downhill before looping round. If you can pace the hill right it is a fast circuit and what I also like is results are online within minutes of last person finishing. So I have results before I get home.

Depending on how it goes tonight, I can 100% confirm my next couple of races in March. While I would like to plan further in to 2020, I don’t want to waste money on races I can’t do. Right now I still take running day by day with everything going on.

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