Lockdown continues & planning for the future

April comes and goes.

May is almost upon us and I was hoping to have had at least half a dozen road races under my belt by now. However, we are still in lockdown. I’ve done a weekly virtual 5K but it’s not the same and I miss the buzz of racing and seeing friends and fellow runners. As it stands if we get races again in 2020 we will be very lucky. It means it is hard to get motivated some days. So this month I’ve been thinking about what I would still like to achieve in running. I then wrote them down in order of importance. This then gave me food for thought and I’ve been doing my homework and researching how I can improve my training to obtain my goals.

I’ve look at Daniels Running Formula, including a few books. I’ve also read about the Hansons marathon method, My weakness is I don’t enjoy long runs after an hour I’ve had enough and is why the marathon is still my most elusive goal. So my research at the moment is how to get my long runs sorted. This brings me to April and my running. Again overall it has been a fairly consistent month but still lacking the regular weekly long runs (aka 14+ miles).

I kicked off the month with a sub 18 5K be it a downhill course but good to get the legs turning over at speed again and the knee also holding up under strain and managed a good 11 mile run the following day. The following week I started to go segment hunting on some of my runs. I also hit my 100 day run streak which was a personal achievement and very happy to have achieved. Managed another sub 18 5K and hit 12 miles on the Sunday.

The following week began well. Trying some new routes and some hill routes but I had what turned out to be not one but two asthma attacks during the night on Tuesday and Friday. It wasn’t till a 3rd one on Sunday evening that I learnt what was wrong. Also because of the Friday night one, I dropped the hard session Saturday and instead planned on a hard HM on the Sunday but it was cut short as I managed to split the skin on one of my toes and by 6 miles in had to call it a day. Much to my frustration as I was hitting sub 6:30 pace!

After my 3rd attack Sunday it hit me hard and meant it took me to Wednesday to get breathing under control so last week was kinda of disjointed and nothing to plan. I did finish with a tough 4 days. A fast 5K Thursday, a hard 4 miles segment hunting Friday and then at weekend I tried back to back 10 mile runs to see how it felt. By Sunday afternoon I was knackered!

This week I decided to still to double 10 miles at weekend. Then added a tempo run to Tuesday and intervals on Thursday to see how it feels.

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Miles
30/3 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 12 x 1/2 mile reps 3 miles 5K Hard 11 miles 42 miles
6/4 4 miles 6 miles 8 miles Benita Johnson session 3 miles 5K Hard 12 miles 44 miles
13/4 4 miles 6 miles 8.5 miles 20 x 60s 3 miles 5 miles 7 miles 40 miles
20/4 1 miles 5 miles 6 miles 5K Hard 4 miles 10 miles 10 miles 42 miles
27/4 6 miles 4 mile tempo 6 miles 12 x 400m 4 miles 10 miles 10 miles 50 miles

Going into May. I’m unsure of the plan and not decided what to do and at the moment taking it week by week. I’m also considering outside help to give me a new pair of eyes. As I said above I wrote down my goals and then put them in order of importance and those are as follows

  1. Run a sub 3 marathon
  2. Break 17 mins for 5K
  3. Break my 10K & HM times.

Those are what I want at 38 I still think I have another 12 years in order to get faster/stronger and prepared to look long term instead of short term and invest in a long term plan. However, I just need to make sure the plan is the right one. Hence why I am looking at all the advice out there and I’m hoping to put what I’ve learnt into a plan that is right for me, One I can fully invest in but also is one that will get the best out of me. Hopefully at the end of next month I have a plan in place and also the country is heading out of lockdown.

Remember you can follow my progress daily via social media and Strava

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