Lock down puts a spanner in the works

A blip in March is followed by lock down

Well the sh*t has truly hit the fan this month, not just for me, or the UK but for the whole world as the coronavirus has put the majority of us in lock down. Running is a luxury and for now I take it as a blessing that we are still able to run. This could change at a moments notice. Before I carry on talking about my plans during lock down. I will recap my training in March.

The month kicked off with me running the Sheffield HM route with friends with the plan to do it yesterday for real! It went really well and was a massive confidence boost. I then had a solid week of training with triple 8 mile runs, then a trip to track on Thursday to do track poker (this would turn out to be my last track session) then on Saturday, the wife wanted to go to shopping in York so I did York parkrun and I had a fab run clocking 18:35 which was a massive plus and showed the training was working and my speed was also returning. The Sunday I hit 14 miles which turned out to be a brutal run due to conditions. Heading into week 2 of March the plan was to increase mileage again. Monday went well, then Tuesday I started to feel under the weather and split the planned 9 miles over two runs. I perked up in the afternoon but Wednesday wasn’t much better. Then by Thursday I had been hit for 6, this was before every symptom ticked me for coronavirus. A trip to doctors and was on a course of antibiotics.

This time though I didn’t do anything stupid and dropped track, just doing 3 miles, then Friday and Saturday I cut miles down even further. By Sunday I had perked up and managed to do 5 in afternoon. This was the first week I hadn’t achieved my set plan but at same time I was smarter and looked at long term picture and knew a few days lost wasn’t that bad. However just as I was coming out the other side, the crisis was starting to take hold of the UK. Week 3 the miles were there but dropped all speed work during week to give chest chance to fully get the infection out the system, good thing was the track was closed so that stopped the temptation of doing track and then by weekend all races and parkruns had been cancelled till April (that’s now extended till end of May). So Saturday afternoon, did a flat out 5k on my own and managed my second fastest 5k of the year. This bodes well for the future.

Last week I stuck to the original plan of having a cut back week with two “races” in the plan. Originally it should have been the Even Splits 5k Wednesday night and Sheffield HM on the Sunday. Instead, opted to do a hard 5K on Wednesday but a hard 5K again Saturday morning and then a paced 10 mile run Sunday. Right now the advise is to stick to 60 minutes of exercise a day so that’s why I opted for 10 mile instead clocking 66 minutes.

This is how March looked:

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Miles
8/3 8 miles 8 miles 8 miles Track Poker 3 miles parkrun 14 miles 51 miles
15/3 9 miles 9 miles 9 miles 3 miles 2 miles 1 mile 5 miles 38 miles
22/3 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles 5 miles 3 miles 5 miles 11 miles 42 miles
29/3 3 miles 3 miles 5 miles 3 miles 3 miles 3 miles 10 miles 30 miles

*Today and tomorrow drops into a full week of April training

Right now we are looking at 12 weeks of lock down, earliest we will come out of this I reckon and hope is June but in reality it could be September. I look at it as a perfect opportunity to put some base miles in. I will go back to the classic routine now of 3 weeks of mileage build up and then 1 week recovery. So long as I can run I can do my plan. I have a loop around my street that is 0.2 miles so if needs be I can do that for majority of runs if they clamp down even further.

I aim to continue doing a hard 5K every Saturday and if I can build up my long run so when racing does start again I am fully fit. Should things change then aim would be to just keep my general fitness up by doing 5k runs a day till things ease up. So fingers crossed this is my plan for April.

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Miles
30/3 6 miles 6 miles 6 miles Interval Session 3 miles 5K Hard 11 miles 42 miles
15/3 4 miles 6 miles 8 miles Interval Session 3 miles 5K Hard 12 miles 44 miles
22/3 5 miles 7 miles 9 miles Interval Session 3 miles 5K Hard 13 miles 45 miles
29/3 3 miles 4 miles 5 miles Interval Session 3 miles 5K Hard 10 miles 36 miles

Let’s hope in 4 weeks time I am writing a positive training post and things are looking up. Remember you can follow my progress daily via social media and Strava

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