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London Marathon for Prostate Cancer

I have some amazing news to share with my friends and fellow runners. Last week I received a phone call from Prostate Cancer UK offering me a place at the next London Marathon! After I spoke to both the boss (my long suffering wife Sarah) and my coach Jo Wilkinson. I said yes. So today marks the 6 month (approx) count down to the race. I’ve a lot to prove to myself at this distance, having only gone up to the distance twice previously (London 2015) and Boston UK 2017) both didn’t go to plan, I know why and now have 4 years of experience since my last attempt both in terms of running but also setbacks. My goal since 2015 has been to run a sub 3 hour marathon, having achieved a 77:26 half marathon in lead up to Boston in 2017 I felt I would smash it but the wheels came off at 18 miles and came home in 3:07.11. This has eaten away at me ever since but due to family health issues (both my daughters and my own), running for the past few years hasn’t been the priority and those who know about marathon’s will know you need to give the marathon 100% something that I’ve not been able to do.

I’m lucky that I have a coach in Jo who has plenty of marathon experience at international level and with a personal best of 2:37:39, I know that I will get the best build up ever.  Now I’m once again doing it for charity, this time I am proud to run for Prostate Cancer UK. Having been diagnosed myself with Prostate Cancer and also losing a very very close family friend to it in late 2020, the charity is very personal to me and my family and I will be using the next 6 months to help raise as much as I can but also raise awareness to the cancer, I’m only 39 but living with it everyday and want to show just because I have it, life doesn’t have to stop and you can still achieve your dreams. So my dream is to cross that finish line in under 3 hours. I am asking everyone who knows me to support me as much as possible and if you think I can run sub 3, then please consider showing that support by dropping me a donation via my JustGiving page.

I will be using this blog and my social media channels to blog about my training and fundraising over the next 6 months.

Prostrate Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the UK


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