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Another good month putting me in race shape

We are now into spring, the clocks have gone forward. The country is slowly going back to normal and April will see a return of races! After a year from hell it’s good to be on the other side of it. Personally it was one of the hardest with my extra health issues but with me now looking forward to the marathon in October, there is a lot to be positive for.

March’s miles were a little lower then February but that was due to taking first week easy after the 4x4x48 Challenge and then this week has been a mini taper week so I am fresh for the Podium 5K with goal to run a time of 17:XX (more on that tomorrow in my preview). Back to March, overall it was a good month. It took me over a week to start to feel fresh after the challenge. It was simple fatigue but it did mean the first week of March, I just could not hit top gear on my speed session that weekend. Although I’ve found that short reps round here are hard to get decent GPS data, compared to doing 400m on a track with a stopwatch. But in previous years had I not got times I wanted I would have bailed, a couple of times this month I’ve stuck with session and benefitted from it.

All month my long runs have been 12 miles but each run I have done a different route, first one was a mile one way and back, then mile opposite direction and back. Then went to 2 miles out and back each way. Made it different and interesting. Following week I ran into Sheffield then last 3 miles into headwind. 3rd one was hilly! with 1,100ft of climbing took me to the following Thursday to get over it (this meant my Tuesday speed session was one of those I failed to hit targets, as I mentioned above), my final one I got to run on a closed Stocksbridge Bypass which was a nice change of scenery.

Speaking of long runs, it’s something that’s always needed work in the form of eating beforehand, fuelling during and also slowing down the runs. With marathon training starting from the 4th that is my prime focus so already putting plans in place for the long run. These are the sessions I need to hit, if I am to achieve my goals.

Mileage has been around the 48 mile mark for main part of March but dropped at start and at the end. I suspect this will also start to increase over the next 6 months. Jo has mainly stuck to 2/3 speed sessions a week with main ones coming on the Tuesday and Saturday. Best session was my 1500m reps that I nailed and then this week although a short session again hit targets, giving me bags of confidence going into Saturday. I’ve also seen an increase in hill rep sessions. Still trying to nail these but I know long term I’m going to seriously benefit from it. All this long term is pointing towards so decent race times (well that’s the plan!)

Below is how March looked:

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Miles
1/3 Rest 1mi 6mi Progression 6mi 4 x 3 x 400m 12mi 38mi
8/3 6mi 3 x 3:00, 2:00, 60s 6mi 6mi Rest 6 x Long Hills, 6 x Short Hills 12mi 47mi
15/3 6mi 4 x 3 x 400m 6mi Fartlek Rest 4 x 1500m 12mi 48mi
22/3 6mi 8 x 2:30 6mi 6mi Rest 3 x 5 x Short Hills 12mi 48mi
29/3 5mi 2 x 3 x 2:00 4mi 18mi

So Saturday is the race then I start marathon training and building up a solid base. The fact I can focus 6 months of training means I am giving myself the best possible chance. I am hoping to do some races during the year so long as they don’t effect the main plan. Hopefully come later in the year we will see return of mid week 5K’s again.

If you would like to know more about my coach Jo, please check out her website

Remember you can follow my progress daily via social media and Strava

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