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Good evening, does anyone else wake up wondering whatever next? With everything that’s happened in 2020 it has allowed me to do the changes to social media and this website. I spoke about changes in a previous blog post. Since then the website has changed names from Mohican Runner to Stocksbridge Runner, I tweaked the colour scheme and updated the logo, however at the time there was no running club associated with my home town, so the name was vacant. in 2021 this is going to change, much like the new Dronfield Running Club these things take time and right now it’s early days.

What this did me, was it wasn’t right to use the name Stocksbridge Runner when there could be a club called Stocksbridge Running Club. So I freed up name and decided to just use my own name with runner attached. With a new orange, white and black colour scheme. New logo with my new tagline of “FTW” now depending on my mood it can me “For the win” or “F*ck the world”. Both are relevant.

The & domain name is now parked on my hosting so the links still point to this site. I will continue to keep it like this for the foreseeable future, eventually I will have it that all old links redirect to the new domain name. If you do notice an issues please let me know,

So here is the new look logo:

I’ve kept the circle style badge, with my name at top and runner at the bottom. In the middle is my tagline, used by one of my all time favourite wrestlers back in the 90’s Taz. The colour scheme is also inspired by him. I have done a few variations and will give me a unique look that I’ve not used before. The est year is the date I started running

Here are some variations:

All social media sites have had name changes and new usernames:


You can find all these links in both the top menu and also in the footer. I am still double checking for any name changes I may have missed, so if you notice anything please let me know.

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