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Updated branding for summer 2021

Following on from my earlier post this month. You will have seen a new colour scheme of sky blue and orange take over the website and my social media. This fits in with my new logo. This all came about when last month I took delivery of a new motorbike (only took 15 years of nagging wife to allow me to get a new one and it only took a pandemic, cancer and a heart attack!) . One of the plans for the bike is to get it either wrapped or resprayed in the classic Gulf Oil Racing colours:

I felt with my summer break coming up and my new start with job etc, it would be perfect time to bringing the running side of what I do into line and have matching colour scheme and branding. The first job then was to redesign the logo. So working along side my good friend Zach we came up with a logo the incorporated parts from previous logos into a bold new one:

We also decided to do an alternative version and a black and white version, for printing and other uses. These you can see below. I will now be working with Cycle Clothing UK to create a brand new vest just in time for the autumn season. In mean time Nike have both a sky blue and orange singlet I will wear in races till then and I will get badge printed on it thanks to Blackford Sports in Barnsley.



The big job is now to find a company to get the motorbike done in the gulf livery, I also have plans to have matching helmet. When it’s done it should look similar to these examples below:

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