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P-Awesome Virtual Run Review

A mans best friend themed medal

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Vale for Money - 91%
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The challenge was simple and I love how Strava is built in so takes away issues with evidence etc. Fantastic designed and love how each distance has a unique version. One for dog lovers

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This past Monday the post arrived and I received my latest virtual medal from Run for the World. I signed up for my first challenge of the year back in January. The event cost me £9 to enter and had the options of 5k, 10k and 21.1k (HM) as January was very low mileage I opted for the 5k distance and would use my parkrun as my evidence.

This virtual run is hosted by Run for the World, who are slowly building up a reputation as one of the best UK based virtual run hosts, having recently attended the Running Show in Birmingham. Each challenge gives a percentage to charity for this one it was the Guide Dogs charity.

Sign Up/Website

Their website for me is the best virtual site in the UK, taking into account social media sign up and Strava integration. The sign up is straight forward and you can use your Facebook account to save time as well. When I originally joined the site in December I opted for the old school of doing everything manually so I could see how it all worked. It is a quick easy format to become a member. Once you’ve activated your account you can then really go to town on your profile. Adding image, bio and linking your Strava account.

Now i’m an avid Strava user and I like that this company is the first to build integration into their site as unlike rival companies this allows for your runs to be automatically linked to your bio so no need to mess around submitting evidence. This makes it more streamlined and easier for those that are not as tech savvy. I linked my account and also linked my FB account. As I was already a member I just headed over to the event and followed the very simple sign up process

What the event description said…

Give your best friend a nice treat with this P-Awesome medal. Take your dog with you (you don’t have to) by your side as you run either 5km, 10km or 21.1km in one run/walk. You can run all three distances to earn bronze, silver and gold versions of the medal and you can even ask your dog to give it a high-four!

The Challenge

As I mentioned I opted for the 5k option as I continue my comeback from injury. Last time I did a challenge I broke down again and meant it was 7 months of missed training. This time round I was taking it slowly and building up the mileage slowly. Hence the 5k distance. When I entered it automatically took my first run which happened to be my most recent parkrun in January and this has put me at the top of the leader board. To get a medal and know which parkrun I did is a nice memory to have, especially after being injured for so long this is one that will have special meaning.

The Medal

The medal arrived in a small cardboard envelope, Thankfully the box fitted snug to stop the medal banging around. The medal is the bronze version. If I had done 10k it would have been silver and gold would have been for half marathon. So I really do like that there is variations depending on the distance.

The medal is paw shaped with each pad having wording on. It says run with your friend and then a picture of a dog in the middle all stamped our of polished metal. The ribbon has the wording “run with your friend” on it with the RFTW logo, paw prints and bones, in keeping with the medal design.

It’s definitely unique among my medal collection and one I recommend for dog lovers and canicross competitors.

Overall Thoughts

For me now RFTW is now my first point of call when I want a virtual challenge and already signed up to monthly challenges. I like that you get a variation depending on your distance and that with Strava it is much harder to cheat. Other sites its too easy to fake your evidence and yes people do fake a virtual run!

Currently the RFTW team are offering a deal before midnight 14th Feb and use code “VDAY20” to get 20% OFF!

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