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Podium 5K Preview

The first race back after lockdown

Its a case of Déjà vu with this post as it’s the first race I did last August when we came out of the first lockdown and now it’s hopefully the first of many this year after the countries latest lockdown. Last time out I went in the sub 19 minute race and it proved to be correct decision, clocking 17:40. This time round the options were 18:30 and 17:30 I’ve been brave this time and gone for the faster of the two races. Originally the race advertised sub 18 which would have been ideal but based on how training has gone and a recent 5K time trial I defo think a sub 17:30 is well within my reach.

Now I have marathon training starting from the 4th of April, I know when the big miles start coming I will lose (only temporary) my top speed, so I want to take tomorrows opportunity with both hands and try and achieve the ultimate 5K dream of sub 17 minutes, honestly it is something I know if everything clicks on the day I can do it and have been close a few times with my current PB standing at 17:06 that I set 11th April 2019. Before I got injured a month later and lost the rest of that year, I’ve spent everyday since then trying to get back to my best. I was almost there back in August when I did the last Podium 5K before I had my heart attack a few weeks later. It was then back to square one and past 6 weeks my speed sessions have been showing a glimpse of past form. The key is consistency and you are never going to get a perfect training period but since December I have on the whole had a very good period only missing a couple of days to a cold. I feel I’m fit and mentally in a really strong place, I think some tough recent sessions, where either it’s not got perfect but I still ground it out or the conditions have been awful having given me a new level of determination, I’m just hoping to tomorrow that translates into a good personal performance.

Last time it was a little blustery on top bend nothing much, this time conditions are expected to be near perfect. I’ve seen the field and it has arrange of talent with plenty of sub 17 minute runners. The key is not to start too fast but make sure I work off those round me.  It’s good that I’m going in their this time knowing the track and knowing what my goals are.

The aim is to hold 3:30 K splits and pick it up. Minimum goal is sub 18, followed by sub 17:30, then if going well attack my personal best and if it’s a perfect day sub 17. If I realistic based on what I’ve felt in training etc then a time around 17:30 would be a good return anything else would be awesome. I ran 17:40 last time out but faded in last mile, so hoping to hold pace more. When I did the Santa 5K had a 3:30 first rep then slowed to mid 3:40’s but picked it up on way back (just shame course was short) I did a time trial 5K end of January and pace that very evenly in sub zero conditions on a trail. So if can produce same effort in a race, surrounded by other runners in better condition’s then I feel I could surprise a few people.

Let’s hope I’m writing a good race report come next week 🙂

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  1. All the best Rich a very good write up I will be cheering you on 💪💪💪💪

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