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Podium 5K Preview

The first race back after lockdown

Well when I started my new blog and did my first race preview back in Feb, I did not think it would be another 6 months till I wrote my second one! Tomorrow will be my first race since the lockdown begun due to the pandemic. I have wanted to do the Podium 5K race for a good few years but for one reason or another it’s just not happened. However, when Chris (organizer) posted details on social media I was straight onto Jo (my coach) to see if I could do it. Thankfully I was given the green light to race. All 6 races sold out in a matter of minutes and all should be fast quality races.

Now this will be my first race fully fit since last May, I had just had an awesome 6 weeks posting my first PB at 5K since November 2016 running 17:06. I also went on to win 3 races in that period. Then disaster struck and I injured my quad (although long suspected to be my knee) that kept me out until 2020, despite several attempts to race while injured. I raced the Leeds 5K back in Feb as was rebuilding in a very slow 18:55 (by my own personal standards) at the time I was using weekly parkruns to get some speed back. Just before lockdown I clocked 18:35 at York 5K.

Looking back personally the lockdown was a massive benefit, I took a step back, looked at my running over past few years and took decision to find a coach who would sort me out, put me back on the correct path and help me fix my shortcomings. I spoke to Jo Wilkinson and it’s the best decision I’ve made in my running career. Jo and I have gotten to know one another, she knows how I tick better that I do myself. Why no way the finished article, I personally feel I am in the best place both in terms of fitness and mental state. I am slowly getting my speed back but doing it the right way. My base is better, I’m no longer racing every run and actually enjoying my training for the first time in a few years.I still have the cloud hanging over my head that is Cancer but it is there, it’s not growing, it’s not causing me any discomfort or making me ill. Besides the need to pee several times at night, it’s just there lingering away in the background. Truth be told it has motivated me to achieve my goals while I am fit and able to do so. Tomorrow is hopefully the start of that.

Jo and I have gone over the race, my goal for the race (keeping it quiet between Jo and I). For first time I actually have a race plan, instead of my usual bull in a china shop approach, where I go off like a rocket and hope to dear God I can sustain it for as long as possible. A lot of my speed sessions I’ve been able to change gears pace wise something I always felt I’ve struggled to do in races. This has done my confidence a world of good and anyone who knows if your head isn’t in it, your body will fail.

I am in the first race, which is a sub 19 race but think it is going to be a lot quicker then that, with a few easily able to run sub 17. My personal best meant I could have gone for the next race which is sub 17:30 but didn’t want to end up in a field I was unable to stick with. I have not been this excited for a race in a long time. I’ve  gone over the race plan in my head on all my runs this week and tomorrow night can’t come quick enough for me. I just want to get on that start line and deliver. Hopefully come 6:30 I am smiling after a good hard race.

Then it’s a case of watching the other races on runninglive as the A race for both the ladies and men have stacked fields and we could even seen times tumble tomorrow night. Plus let’s hope it’s not another 6 months till my next race.

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