Scimitar Mr.Grumpy Mens Top Review

First look at the new Mr. Grumpy top

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Material - 95%
Value for Money - 90%
Design - 94%
Delivery/Shipping - 89%
Sizing Options - 98%


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Top quality sublimation top from Funky Sportswear by Scimitar Sports. Fantastic designs with a professional and high quality material.

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When I began my comeback this year, my wife suggested I rotate the running top I run parkrun in each week. I’ve always been a fan of Scimitar Sports, in the past they provided me with my charity kit back in 2015 and in the past I’ve had the old Mr. Grumpy and Spongebob Squarepants running vests. Last year they updated their logo and their off the shelf products split into Elite and Funky. I love their current new top designs based on the classic Mr.Men range. Currently as it’s winter I am running in technical tops rather then vests. In the men’s range they have 4 different designs on offer: Mr.Grumpy, Mr. Happy, Mr. Rush and Mr.Slow. I’m hoping they bring others out but out of the 4 I picked Mr. Grumpy for my first purchase.

About Scimitar

For those who have not heard of Scimitar before, they are a UK based company that specialize in the manufacture of sublimation print technical sports wear. They have particular expertise in cycle wear, running wear and triathlon kit. They cover a lot of charity sports gear, for example they make Help for Heroes running vests and cycle tops. What attracted me to them originally is unlike some companies you see with logos and names printed on to the material their products have the design in the actual material. This is called sublimation and helps the tops really stand out. This also means the design looks better and kit last longer, more and more running clubs are opting to have them be their kit suppliers.

Product Description

Express yourself with our brand new Mr Grumpy Technical T-Shirt! Be unapologetic that ‘frowning burns more calories’ in our Mr Grumpy Technical T-Shirt. Finished in a dark blue base with a big and bold Mr Grumpy design, you will be sure to make a statement!

Better still, the Mr Grumpy t-shirt retains all of the features you’d expect from a premium running top whilst also being made from 100% recycled polyester.

Whether you’re a professional, an amateur or you participate in timed events, this t-shirt is perfect for you.

Not sure on the sizes? Our simple ‘Size Chart’ tab will help you find the best fit.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% recycled polyester.
  • Stand out from the crowds with a retro, Funky, professional and high quality design.
  • Made from the highest quality 140gsm Aerolite Wicking Fabric, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • A SecondSkin construction moves smoothly against your skin, reducing friction and comfortableness.

My Review

I ordered my top with a 15% discount code (typical Yorkshire man always looking for a bargain) The top was £28 plus I paid standard shipping £4.50. So with saving it cost me £27. There are cheaper tops out there but I’m a firm believer of you pay for what you get and the quality is second to none.

So the top came in a medium, I could have got it in a small but don’t like my tops to be tight as due to my weight loss have excess skin around the stomach still. The top is royal blue in design with a sky blue rounded collar. The front has slogan “Frowing burns more calories” with Mr Grumpy as well. Each sleeve says Mr.Grumpy and then on the back is a large image of Mr. Grumpy. The front and back are connect by side panels with loads of little Mr. Grumpy images. The top feels light as it’s made from  their Qwick-Dri™ technology, ensuring rapid wicking of moisture from the skin. Although I have first time I ran in it I had base layer underneath, when wet I didn’t feel a change in the comfort or weight of the top.

You certainly standout in this top. I’ve worn a lot of running tops over past few years, clubs, charity, Adidas & Nike ones. Compared to club vests made by Ron Hill the quality is so much better. The feel is almost like silk and when you run in it there is no rubbing on the skin and when I began to sweat the material did not stick to me. When I was out testing it it was slightly cool so my nipples were out but it did allow me to test for running. Previous vests/tops from my old clubs always gave me sore nipples, however this top didn’t trouble me in the slightest. The vests use Qwick-Dri™ technology, the fabric includes an effective fiber-based moisture management system. The system can move perspiration away from the body, and through the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly, allowing the wearer to feel cooler and more comfortable.

Even though it’s a top I really love how light it felt, as I was running around the woods it almost felt like I was running bare chested. Soon as I finished running I stuck the top in the washer and it came out as new. As I said before, tops that are printed on top of the material after a few washes lose the branding and logos. Truth be told they look rubbish but problem with a lot of running clubs they still have an old school mentality about them and go for cheapness over quality. Personally if I had my way I would prefer to pay a little extra and have a vest with club branding done in to the design using sublimation print. Thankfully my club UKnetrunners recently switched to Scimitar for both their tops and vest. I keep hinting for a hoodie as well. So you may pay a little more but the tops last longer, meaning the kit looks better.

It really is a no brainer, the quality is there for all to see. You can pick up the Mr. Men tops in sizes XS – 2XL. You can also get the same 4 designs in vests. For the ladies they have Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Troublemaker, Little Miss Happy, Little Miss Bossy, Mr Happy, Little Miss Chatterbox (2 versions), Mr Greedy.

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