Summer Update

Update time for the month(s) ahead

Happy July followers. With my new job one of the requirements was not to have any social media skeletons that could cause my new employee’s embarrassment in the future, so to get my new job I had to remove my old social media accounts and have fresh ones, with guidelines I have to follow.  That’s all I will and can say on the matter but it needed to be said……

…. On to other matters at hand. Firstly the marathon is now going to be spring 2022 as the new job while great in many ways means combined with my daughters Go Karting career taking off I am unable to commit to the training. On top of that I have a potential date for a medical procedure later in the summer, that’s already been cancelled several times and if it is to go ahead then I would not have recovered in time to be fit for the marathon.  It made sense to move it to April to give time for everything to settle down and to recover from any procedure coming up.

…. So in the mean time it means after having a bit of a breakdown earlier this week where I let everything get on top of me trying to juggle everything. I spoke to both my wife and my coach. We all was on same page and agreed that we have to re-evaluate plans in the short term. This means after taking this week as some downtime, I am going to be fully focused on the shorter stuff. My aim is to focus mainly on the 5K and 10K times and getting them down. I do plan on doing other stuff including competing for several masters medals. At the moment we are planning what races I am focusing on and will up date in the future.

…. July is going to be a crazy busy month as well as starting my new job, my daughter is aiming to qualify for the British Indoor Karting Championships. She has another practice sessions this Sunday at a new track in Leeds, before having her first attempt on the 11th July. The following weekend we are then down at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix. Then it’s back to karting on the 25th and the Harry Potter World the following Saturday. Oh and on top of that my local football club Stocksbridge Park Steels starts their pre season campaign. On the side I run the website, do the programme and also run their instagram account as well as doing all the social media graphics. My life is full on so can you imagine trying to fit marathon training into all that while also juggling my heath which can change at moments notice. Some times I stretch myself too thin and ended up cracking under the pressure. Thankfully both Sarah and Jo have come to the rescue….again!

So there you go that’s my life right now and what’s happening both short term and long term.

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