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Trafford Open Meet Preview

1st track race since July 2018

Two weeks instead of months between races. After the excellent Podium 5K where I came away with 17:40 I am back at it tomorrow with my first track race in over two years. When we started to come out of lockdown it looked like track racing would be my first race back and originally the plan was to do 800m. However, Podium came up and then more lockdown easing meant the organisers Trafford AC added 1500m and 3000m to the programme.

With restrictions entries online only. When I found out the events were open I was in a Starbucks in Llandundno and by the time I had registered both the 1500m and 800m races were full. (there is 16 heats in the 800m!) So I put my name into the hat for the 3000m. Now 3000m is a weird distance, it’s short so you can go hard but it’s not long enough if you get pacing wrong it can go badly wrong. I had a big period in 2017 of racing both indoors and outdoors at this distance. I have dipped under 10 minutes 6 times with my best coming in late August, running a 5s PB at the same track I am racing tomorrow, here is a look at my 3000m history:

Event Perf Time Pos Venue Meeting Date
1 3000 9:49.67 11 Stretford Trafford AC Grand Prix 29 Aug 17
2 3000 9:54.76i 8 Sheffield Sheffield Run Jump Throw Series 7 Feb 17
3 3000 9:56.33 13 Stretford Trafford AC Grand Prix 25 Jul 17
4 3000 9:58.1 2 Cudworth Barnsley AC Winter Track Series 25 Jan 17
5 3000 9:59.8 1 Rotherham South Yorkshire League 23 Apr 17
6 3000 9:59.85 5 Grimsby Cleethorpes AC Open 29 May 17
7 3000 10:04.5i 6 Sheffield Nottinghamshire AA Graded Open Meeting 20 Nov 16
8 3000 10:08.9 4 Grimsby Denis Lumbard Memorial Open 24 Sep 16
9 3000 10:09.46 2 Sheffield Sheffield Run Jump Throw Series 13 Dec 17
10 3000 10:11.2 3 Sheffield Sheffield Run Jump Throw Open Series 24 May 17

Now like Podium, going into this I have a few goals for this race. I have discussed my race strategy with my coach Jo. I also know the field and their PB’s so roughly know where I should be. The aim is not to get carried away at the start and pick people off, if the race goes to plan It will be a shock to the system and I ran 10:40 ish for Podium and I was holding pace for first 2K. So I know there is more speed in the tank over the shorter distance. Track is a different beast and its sometimes tactically and sometimes its about how fast you can run in discomfort. I can’t wait.

After tomorrow it will then be case of sitting down with Jo and planning my autumn season. With Trafford putting on more events throughout September and Even Splits bringing back their York 5K series things are slowly starting to get back to normal. I am hoping NMAC put on their track champs or at last a couple of road champs to have a crack. I would like to do a 10K before the years out. This time round though its about finding the correct balance and staying healthy. I have an appointment back at the hospital on the 1st September so that will also help plan out the rest of 2020.

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